Randy spent half his life in Manila and the other half in Melbourne. He is a big fan of Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Jordan, Jason Bateman and dinosaurs. His favorite activities are improv, basketball, acting, voice-acting, pretending to be asleep, being Batman and being a ninja-version of Batman.

Once upon a time, a guy was quite sad. Lasagne. He realised that he was sad and was fine with it. Shania Twain. He thought maybe some people are just meant to be that way. Cannon Bears. Then one day, someone he cared about deeply became sadder than he was. Hula hoops. So he made it his mission to make his friend laugh every chance he got. Ping pong. This made them both happier and he realised what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Life sorted.

You can find him performing at TIC on Harold Nights, with his cool buds in Yolk Yolk Yolk and doing sketches with Spicy Bystander.

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