Taylor really likes pretending she doesn’t work in retail by wearing a power suit and yelling angrily into a flip phone in her spare time. “It’s all in the shoulder pads”, she says. But what does that mean? Look, we aren’t entirely sure. We’re assuming she thinks successful people hold all of their knowledge in their shoulder pads. Now that I think about it, HOW?! Would they have hard drives installed??? I just don’t know. Can someone call Taylor please and get to the bottom of this, I’ll be up all night.

Anyway, she’s an aspiring writer with dreams of owning a hybrid florist/bookshop/café/cinema. She has been an over exaggerating hypochondriac for majority of her life and luckily improvised comedy facilitates that nicely. Her Improv career began in 2015 with the Improv Conspiracy and she dreams of one day filling the theatre lobby with succulents.  

You can catch her at the 2016 Melbourne Fringe Festival performing with the Dairy Kweens in a show entitled ‘Human Garbage’.

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