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Sunday, April 9 - 7:15pm
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The Improv Conspiracy Theatre
Level 1 / 19 Meyers Place, Melbourne

Show Description

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Sunday Buffet is a monthly all-you-can-laugh improv feast with three tasty courses delightfully prepared by three delectable improv teams. 


A brilliant ensemble cast that includes Ange Chan, Rebecca Halley, Caity Staples, Elizabeth Donald, Indiana, Megs Mitchell and Mon Reid. This is an ensemble that churns out strong and well-rounded characters with a focus on the friendships and strange interactions or events that occur in close quarters. Join them monthly for a FEMMILY vacation to an exciting location.

Yolk Yolk Yolk

A three-piece improv team that consists of friends, Ange Chan, Brendan Wan and Randy Adeva. All with similar Westernised Asian upbringings, the crux of their show is to tell grounded stories with elements of the surreal. Yolk Yolk Yolk proves that playing silly and fun is not a dishonour to the family.

Joining FEMMILY & Yolk Yolk Yolk will be a rotating indie team each month. Could it be an indie team full of wolves? Or is it a team of baguettes? Whatever they are, they will be delightful!


Upcoming Sessions

Sunday, April 9 - 7:15pm
$5 Tickets
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