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  March 15, 2020

The Improv Conspiracy Theatre takes public health and safety very seriously.

With multiple confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Victoria, it's important that we react to the local threat appropriately based on the latest government and expert recommendations, while remaining flexible for our plans to change at a moment's notice.

We'll be using this page to share our current status and potential next steps as long as COVID-19 remains in the news. Please check back in for updates.

Our Current Status

In our attempts to #FlattenTheCurve and reduce potential transmission opportunities, we have made the difficult decision to pause all of our operations for two weeks until the week of Monday March 30th.

All shows between now and then have been cancelled.

All workshops have been pushed back by two weeks. If you're currently mid-term, your class will pause for two weeks and then resume where it left off. If your class has not begun yet, it will start and finish two weeks later than usual. If this creates problems for you, please let us know ASAP – we aim to be flexible with deferral opportunities.

Next Steps

We're paying attention to the news, the government, and arts organisations of a similar size to ours.

We are committed to taking two weeks off and hope we can resume operations after that but will make that call near the end of the month based on whatever developments we see.