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  July 9, 2013

We are surrounded by superheroes.

Let me explain: every Harold Night I'm surprised by the people I get to perform with. I see them walk through walls that I would otherwise bump against, and I see them bound effortlessly over obstacles through which I'd stumble.

I want to tell you about the Elevator DJs

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  November 29, 2012

Or "I never knew how much I missed you until we met".

Yah, I’ve done a bit of improv.  Short form, specifically Theatresports, and then a bastardized version of it in bars.  Bar Improv, wow!   Wanna test your mettle?  Try doing one-word-at-a-time for drunks.  Still, improv has been good to me.  Pity I got to hate it so.  

It wasn’t always that way.  I was a passionate performer.  My whole week was geared to that 10min chance to play onstage.  It took a while to get good, but when it happened, my addiction was set.  More time passed, and I got to instruct and even direct a company.  Paid to play, man, that was the pinnacle.  I became a disciple.  I got obsessed with the theory.  I wanted to know how this shit works.  Reaction, motive, action, repeat.  I thought I had it down.  So, why was it getting boring?

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  November 5, 2012

I've been in Melbourne 3 months. I still don't have a job, In fact, I'm getting a bit desperate.

I've managed to pick up a bit of temporary work, so that's nice. Parxercise has fallen a bit off the radar, but having some income is a better thing, let's face it. 

What I find next is not a job, but another way of spending my newfound funds - a musical impro workshop from an international guest, Lindsay Hailey. This is what I'm all about, I can't wait.

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  October 10, 2012

It’s our final week of Fringe so it seems like a good time for a frank discussion about what YOU bring to a performance. Especially as some of you may be joining us for the second or third time- or if you’re hardcore the fourth or fifth!* Read on for tips to take with you to your next improv event.

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  October 3, 2012

We are now about one year later. Another plane trip, but this time it’s for real. No more mucking around. I am going to Melbourne and staying there. I mean, it’s really the economically viable choice - I've been going there at least twice a year for the past three years.

I've left the comfort of a cushy job, loving family and wonderful friends for ....what? The only guarantee is I'm part of the Big Hoo-Haa! Melbourne. So on the first Tuesday of my Melbourne life I go to Hoo-Haa training. The first half of the session is a big deconstruct of last year. So I nod wisely and think of Perth...

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