We're thrilled to announce that The Improv Conspiracy Theatre is hosting 9 exciting new improv, sketch and stand-up comedy shows during MICF 2016: 23 March — 17 April 2016. No matter what kind of comedy you're into, we have the perfect show for you!

Come for the comedy and stick around for a drink at our fully licenced bar.

(Our regular weekly fan favourites Harold Night, The Remix, Cage Match, Fresh Blood and The Red Hot Improv Jam run as normal during the Festival. All other shows are replaced by these limited-run Festival seasons!)

First Half of Festival (24 March - 3 April)

Second Half of Festival (7 - 17 April)

Entire Festival

A Night at Java Joes

First Half of MICF 2016 - Thu-Sat @ 6:45pm, Sun @ 5:45pm

Come to the world-famous Java Joe’s Coffee House in California for its weekly open mic night. Broni will introduce you to eclectic folk that share their heart and their art on stage every week. Mixing storytelling, music and whimsical recreations of real life moments, Broni presents the people that have shaped, shattered, taught, terrified, inspired and intrigued him.

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James Rankin - Be A Man

First Half of MICF 2016 - Thu-Sat @ 9:15pm, Sun @ 8:15pm

Join James Rankin for an evening of tales and laughs as he tries to break down what it is to Be A Man, whilst simultaneously weaving in his own personal stories and failed attempts at becoming just that.

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Damien Vosk - The Average

Second Half of MICF 2016 - Thu-Sat @ 6:45pm, Sun @ 5:45pm

'The Average' is a debut Standup Comedy show by one of Australia's up and coming comedians Damien Vosk. After performing at the Adelaide Fringe Festival Vosk is taking the show to Melbourne and providing an hour long joke-fest centred on how he overanalyses situations in order to avoid being outed by society. The show covers work place drama, family relations and the dating game and delves into what makes an acceptable human being by today's standards.

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Hayward & Hadid - This is an Excuse

Second Half of MICF 2016 - Thu-Sat @ 9:15pm, Sun @ 8:15pm

A first date with your new comedy sweethearts, Hayward and Hadid. This Is An Excuse is live sketch comedy for thinking women and the men who drive them crazy. Written and performed by comedy duo Lauren Hayward and Francis Hadid, the evident racial and cultural differences between the two fire up any conversation with politically incorrect banter. This Is An Excuse is an ode to modern love and cultural clichés.

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Daniel Pavatich - #1 Ninja

Thursdays through Saturdays @ 8pm, Sundays @ 7pm

Stop settling for less! Realise your full potential! Conquer your enemies!

In this affordable and unlicensed 55-minute seminar, Dan is your personal and passionate guide as you unleash the #1 NINJA within. Ultimate victory awaits!

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Improv Against Humanity

Fridays and Saturdays @ 9pm, Sundays @ 7pm

Come be dazzled by comedic wit that teeters on the boundary of the risque. With the help of the audience this troupe of improvisers will explore strange worlds and act out scenes and hilarities that have been hand picked by the audience.

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The Improv Conspiracy Tournament of Teams

Fridays and Saturdays @ 10:15pm

Sixteen of Melbourne's best and bravest improv teams compete in MICF's first ever improv comedy tournament! A spontaneous battle of flesh, wits, and hearts. The winners take it all! Who will triumph? You decide by voting!

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Trillcumber - Paradise

Fridays and Saturdays @ 7:45pm, Sundays @ 5pm

Ever wanted to start over? Trillcumber invite you to Paradise - a narrative sketch show about fresh starts, escapism and Earthly responsibilities. The life you’ve been dreaming of is only one flight away! ...as long as the love of your life doesn’t stop you getting on the rocket.

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What Dat Crem?

Fridays and Saturdays @ 6:30pm

50% sketch. 50% improv. 50% Dogma by Kevin Smith. 20% sermon. 76% sweatshop. 12% whole milk. 3% unidentified meats. 261% a show.*

*The % thing is a maths joke.

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