Early July COVID-19 Update: Due to reintroduced restrictions, we've been forced to postpone ALL improv classes until further notice. We will be in touch with affected students via email. We'll be converting listed in-person sketch comedy classes to online versions, and adding additional classes where possible. There are no shows running at the theatre.

Kiara Musco — Performer Details

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November 2017

Kiara enjoys anything for dinner that comes with a big chunk of buttery humour . She’s commonly found laughing at Mother Nature, because it’s all such a funny joke.

Doing Dance for a whole year and not being about to communicate with herself or the outside world, created an unusual person who is often quoted to be: “ Quirky, Weird or a little Strange" I mean if we aren’t, we mustn’t be having enough fun!! 

You can find her down any grocery store ally yelling "AHHH figs are in session!" with much enthusiasm. She comes from the north where figs were never a thing. Her passion is learning how to small talk and wearing scarfs all year round! 




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