Early July COVID-19 Update: Due to reintroduced restrictions, we've been forced to postpone ALL improv classes until further notice. We will be in touch with affected students via email. We'll be converting listed in-person sketch comedy classes to online versions, and adding additional classes where possible. There are no shows running at the theatre.

Pierre Leach — Performer Details

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  Join Date
November 2017

Pierre joined started classes in 2016 when his friend his friend convinced him to join by saying it was “fun”” and also “not a cult” and, like most inpiduals who succumb to cults, Pierre was not particularly strong willed or independent and this was all it took to convince him. Since then and after taking 3 mortgages on his house to advance through the "levels"  of improv that are shrouded in mystery Pierre has received the illustrious title of Fresh Blood member where he performs regularly with his team Sinkhole.

Upcoming Performances

Sorry, there are no scheduled sessions for this performer at the moment!