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3 Mad Rituals — Show Details

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  Fridays @ 6:30pm - this November and December only!
  $10 Tickets

The father of modern improvisation, Del Close, died in 1999 but his work lives on through the inspiring formats he pioneered. The Improv Conspiracy's top performers attempt Del's 3 Mad Rituals: his best-known pieces performed back-to-back-to-back based on a single audience suggestion. This is 90 minutes of thrilling, spontaneous excitement featuring the DeconstructionThe Movie and The Harold.

Even if you don't understand the method, you'll be sure to enjoy the madness. You'll see nine bold performers at the top of their game, creating genuine art by committee. From fast-paced comedy to slower measured drama, this show aims to showcase the best of what Chicago-style improvisation has to offer the world.

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