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 Am I Interrupting? — Show Details & Upcoming Sessions

  $20 Tickets
(Plus $0.50 Online Booking Fee)
Most sessions offer a 10% early bird discount for tickets booked over 24 hours in advance

A scene is in progress, a piece of theatre rehearsed and prepared for, then the unexpected happens, a knock on the door that wasn’t in the script, a character the actor has never heard of, an improviser sent to disrupt the order and bring a bit of chaos

This is “Am I Interrupting”, theatre in the round where an improviser joins a piece written specifically for the show and, with the help of the actors, tries to make sense of what is before them. 

With sets, costume, and exciting soundscape, “Am I Interrupting” is a brand new theatrical experience that we are excited to present to you

Upcoming Sessions

Sorry, there are no scheduled sessions for this show at the moment!