Cage Vax: Pfizer Chiefs vs. S Clot 7 — Show Details & Upcoming Sessions

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Not since 1947’s iconic post-WWII cage match, which saw Allied performers face off against the Axis of Improv, has there been a more historic battle for comedic supremacy.

While you were busy #complying with Dictator Dan’s overreach, did you stop for a fucking second to think about how the FDA approval process never measured whether the foreign-made, fascist nanobots (or “spike proteins”) in vaccines affected your sense of humour?

In this once-in-a-lifetime tete-a-tete, see a team of Pfizer vaccinated studs compete against a team of AZ hotties. This is science. This is history. This is The Pfizer Chiefs vs S Clot 7.


Upcoming Sessions

Sorry, there are no scheduled sessions for this show at the moment!