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  Every Friday and Saturday Night during MICF!
  $12 Tickets
(Plus $0.50 Online Booking Fee)

Stay out late tonight! Each session of Conspiracy Up Late features a different group from The Improv Conspiracy community taking over the theatre and programming the variety show of their wildest dreams. That's eight different hours of weird and wonderful improv and sketch comedy that'll make you glad you stayed up past your bedtime.



20th April - Witching Hour Wellness with Dr Karen Debbie Cradle and Friends

It might be the witching hour, but that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for self-care! Join everyone’s favourite couples’ counsellor, Dr Karen Debbie Cradle PhD (Kirsten Law), on a journey through midnight in the garden of wellness and evil. On a recent break from clinical practice, Karen travelled solo* through the Amazon in search of new ways to heal your LoveWounds™ and tonight, in this one-off seminar, she’s letting you in on cutting-edge therapy realness! But Karen’s not alone; with her is a rag-tag team of life coaches, ‘shamans’ and self-care start-up CEOs. Brand new TheraFriend®, clinical psychologist and NOT A WITCH Ronda Wickle (Taylor Griffiths) will be there too. One thing is for sure: once you enter Karen’s cave of appropriated jungle psychedelics, you’ll never be the same again.

Featuring Kirsten Law and Taylor Griffiths, with Nikki Spunde, Elyce Phillips, Ed Chalmers, Darcy Fleming, Tom Burton, Jenni Townsend, Matt Young and James Brennan.

*Just to clarify, Karen definitely didn’t go on an overpriced tour with a bunch of childless sadsacks to get over her ex-boyfriend, Gary Allen. Or her ex-girlfriend Ramona.

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