Improv Level 4 - The Harold: Scene Work

This class serves as your introduction to the Harold format, with an emphasis on calling back scenes through second and third beats, with prescribed openings and group games.

Congratulations, your stand alone scenes are refined! Now it's time to learn how to connect scenes meaningfully in the Harold, the standard improv format of the Improv Conspiracy.

You'll learn how to perform and draw information from openings, which are the tools that allow us to expand a single suggestion into 30 minutes of material.

Once we have first beats down, we'll work on ways to bring themes, games and characters back in our second and third beats.

We'll briefly touch on group games, and get you ready to perform your first Harold in front of an audience!

Recent feedback from Improv Level 4 - The Harold: Scene Work students:

"The format of the Level 4 workshop was great! The Harold seemed like a scary beast at the start of the term but by the end of it, I felt confident in my ability to understand and perform the structure – and enjoy playing in it!" Jeanne-Clare S.
"The Level 4 syllabus at TIC is a great intro to the complex form that is the Harold. We learnt not only the structure of the show, but also common styles and reliable techniques to create a cohesive, impressive performance!" Kieran B.

Upcoming Workshops Improv Level 4 - The Harold: Scene Work

 Improv Level 4 - Term 1b 2020 - Wednesday

Wednesday, February 5
8 Weeks

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  Upcoming Workshops Improv Level 4 - The Harold: Scene Work

Name   Type   Start Date & Time   Instructor(s)
Improv Level 4 - Term 1a 2020 - Monday 8 Weeks Monday, January 6
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Improv Level 4 - Term 1b 2020 - Wednesday 8 Weeks Wednesday, February 5
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