Improv Level 5 - The Harold: Group Work

This class serves as your deeper dive into the organic group mind aspect of long form improvisation, and in particular, the Harold format. More technical than previous levels, this workshop builds on everything you've learnt so far!

Congratulations, you've done a few Harolds in level 4 focussing on the beats! Up until now you've relied on prescriptive group work to bolster your long form. Now it's time to learn how to organically create show openings and group games/scenes with clear patterns and rules to meaningfully contribute to the Harold.

You'll learn how to communicate and collaborate to create thematically rich openings, and find fun patterns and games as a whole team in your group games

In this level you'll still be performing full Harolds, so you'll keep up plenty of scene work reps as you go. 


Recent feedback from Improv Level 5 - The Harold: Group Work students:

"Level 5 challenged me and not only solidified my knowledge of the past levels but enabled me to constructively question and engage with the lessons I'd learned. I feel like a fully capable improviser now." Matt Y.
"Level 5 made me fall in love with improv again." Maddison V.
"Level 5 really grew my passion for improv. By really exploring deeply themes in the Harold." Doug N.

Upcoming Workshops Improv Level 5 - The Harold: Group Work

 Improv Level 5 - Term 1b 2020 - Tuesday

Wednesday, February 5
8 Weeks

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  Upcoming Workshops Improv Level 5 - The Harold: Group Work

Name   Type   Start Date & Time   Instructor(s)
Improv Level 5 - Term 1a 2020 - Wednesday 8 Weeks Wednesday, January 8
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Improv Level 5 - Term 1b 2020 - Tuesday 8 Weeks Wednesday, February 5
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