Improv Level 6 - The Harold: Performance Level

Our core program ends with our Performance Level, in which you'll work with an established coach from The Improv Conspiracy community and put on multiple performances throughout your class term.
  Level 6 is a now prerequisite for our July 2020 house team auditions. We intend to offer it during Term 2a (early March start) and 3a (late April / early May start)

You've performed your first Harolds in front of an audience. It was quite fun and the audience enjoyed it... so what's next? PRACTICE!

In this level you'll learn heaps more about our favourite format, do additional bonding with your team of classmates, and get the experience and confidence necessary to put on polished Harold performances. 

In addition to running numerous "normal" Harolds, in the second half of the course we'll apply various constraints to the format to show you how small tweaks can have huge effects on the finished product. You might encounter location-constraint Harolds, thematic Harolds, the Bat (Harold in the Dark), silent Harolds, gibberish Harolds, or any other sort of Harold that your instructor is enthusiastic about that day!

Plus this level comes with 2 student shows in front of an audience so you really get the 'team' treatment and your instructor can address your teams specific needs.

Recent feedback from Improv Level 6 - The Harold: Performance Level students:

"I have thoroughly enjoyed learning improv over the past year and a half. I have become more confident, less anxious and a better problem solver. Improv seeps into your everyday life, whether it be general conversations, meetings at work or just becoming friends with new people. Everything is applicable!" Michael W.
"Level 6 really solidifies improv-learnings from across every level. You also get to play with very talented and committed improvisers, and every week was an absolute joy to attend. I would highly recommend Level 6 to any previous Level 5 graduates." Jeanne-Clare S.

Upcoming Workshops Improv Level 6 - The Harold: Performance Level

 Improv Level 6 - Term 2a 2019 - Saturday

Saturday, March 7
8 Weeks

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  Upcoming Workshops Improv Level 6 - The Harold: Performance Level

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Improv Level 6 - Term 2a 2019 - Saturday 8 Weeks Saturday, March 7
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