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  August 22, 2013

Daniel Pavatich just returned to us after a month in Chicago, studying improv at the world-famous iO Theatre. Over the coming days we'll be posting some of Dan's reactions and revelations from his time overseas!

"Wear your character like a thin veil. Find out what's inside you and what's true, as compared to working so hard on the fake." - Del Close

"We're joining these people at this point in their lives. They existed before we joined them, and when we leave, their lives will go on." - TJ Jagodowski

How can we apply this?

1. Be yourself

We want to see your personality, sense of humour and identity shine through your work. If we can't see you in your work, why are we watching you? This is freeing because you retain all your own emotional depth, whether you are the villainous pirate, or the king of the salty kingdom. And doesn't that sound fun?            

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  August 21, 2013

Daniel Pavatich just returned to us after a month in Chicago, studying improv at the world-famous iO Theatre. Over the coming days we'll be posting some of Dan's reactions and revelations from his time overseas!

Something you'll read a lot in any Chicagoland Improv Book is this quote from Del Close, it goes: 

“If we treat each other as if we are geniuses, poets and artists, we have a better chance of becoming that on stage."

It sounded stupid once. Now it's obvious. Now it's too obvious. It's annoyingly obvious. I need to "yes, and" the reality of the scene, and stuff... but you know that. Of course you do. 

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  July 26, 2013

When I was 16 I joined a band full of guys in their mid twenties - they'd already had some success, with play on triple M and triple J and in my eyes, these guys were music gods. Somehow I lucked into the situation. Right place, right time. Right place being my brother's bedroom (he was the lead singer) right time being the day their bass player quit.

My first show was an EP launch to a sold out Espy Gershwin room. Goodness me, was I terrified… As if this is a logical first show for a 16 year old! I exclaim with textually sarcastic intonation - You might as well have called me Gabriella Cilmi.

I had butterflies in my stomach as my brother drove us there, he was doing vocal warm ups and I was trying to keep my dinner inside myself.

I took all my queues from the guys in the band and from that day and for another couple of years those three guys taught me everything I needed to know to tackle the stage on my own for years to come. 

For years now, I've stepped on stages with only a small trace of the nerves I had that first year. Sure,  some shows are very important and I sweat attendance numbers or whether or not the hero of mine I'm opening for is going to like me. 

But most shows - I show up, we all plug in, we count to 4 and we all have the best time ever. I know all the words, I know who I am, I know what comes next, and I always know what to say. I feel at home on stage. No concerns. No thinking. Just strumming, and singing, and laughing.

Until…  I decided to do improv.

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  July 25, 2013

If I ever met me from five years ago I’d probably punch past me right in the mouth. Yep right in the face hole. Why? ‘Cause I was a big old jerk. I was loud and inconsiderate and just largely went around being a jerk. But I know that now and I’m (hopefully) less of a jerk because of it.

Yep, one day I went and got me some personal growth. And you know what? It was good! It meant that I could slowly become less jerky and even start to like the kind of person I was becoming. So in five more years I hope that I look at present me and think that he was kind of a jerk too, so the cycle of jerk - growth - jerk - growth can just continue into whatever the future may hold.

In many ways improv is a lot like life; it just runs on a much faster calendar. How do I know this? ‘Cause six months ago I was a big old face-hole-punch-worthy jerk. And here’s how I know… 

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  July 9, 2013

We are surrounded by superheroes.

Let me explain: every Harold Night I'm surprised by the people I get to perform with. I see them walk through walls that I would otherwise bump against, and I see them bound effortlessly over obstacles through which I'd stumble.

I want to tell you about the Elevator DJs

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