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Our corporate training sessions are seriously fun

What workplace wouldn't be improved by giving the team better listening, communication and problem-solving skills?
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Working on improv fundamentals will enhance your team meetings, client interactions, and general office culture.

We get it — a bunch of improv comedians might not seem like the most likely group to turn to for help with your business.

That said, we'll let you in on a trade secret. The best improvisation is just a simple combination of:

  • excellent communication skills
  • creative problem solving
  • playful teamwork

This stuff isn't just useful on stage – it's invaluable in the workplace.

Our corporate sessions are designed to get your team communicating, collaborating and laughing together.

While the pursuit of the "perfect" group dynamic might last a lifetime, you and your team can make serious progress in as little as a few hours, and have a wonderful time in the process.

We'd love to help you and your team unlock your full potential as collaborative geniuses – whether it's a few hours of fun as a team bonding activity, or a more extensive formal skills training.

We've worked and played with teams from some great companies


The benefits

What can improv offer your business or team?

In addition to being heaps of good-natured fun, improvisation has many practical applications in the modern workplace. Here are just a few of the benefits:

Team Building
Unleash the power of unity and creativity in your team. Our sessions are designed to break down barriers and foster a strong, collaborative spirit.
Transform your brainstorming sessions into a powerhouse of innovative ideas – spontaneity and a 'yes, and' mentality lead to breakthroughs.
Group Communication
Elevate your team's communication dynamics – ensuring messages are not just heard, but truly understood.
Presentation Skills
What if public speaking was fun instead of terrifying? Improv helps hone the presentation skills required to captivate and persuade any audience.
Conflict Resolution
Navigate through conflicts with ease and creativity, applying collaborative problem-solving approaches for effective resolutions.
Empathetic Attunement
Foster deeper connections and understanding within your team, creating a more supportive and intuitive workplace environment.
Corporate Session
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Holding a session at our Meyers Place theatre on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday afternoon? Theory Bar is our full-service bar and events space, right below at ground level.

Please enquire about add-on drinks packages to cap off a great day of teamwork and camaraderie.

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