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Performer Bio

Cristina Spizzica

Cristina Spizzica

Ever since she actively avoided doing drama at high school, Cristina (a.k.a. Spizz) knew she was meant to be on the stage – and has been found fooling around on The Improv Conspiracy’s stage almost every week since 2017.

A seasoned performer with sell-out shows at Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Melbourne Fringe Festival, you can see her regularly performing as part of the theatre’s flagship shows Harold Night, The Remix, and F#*k This, I Quit!, co-producing the Red Hot Improv Jam, and if you’re lucky, you may catch her dipping her toes into the world of stand-up (because apparently all of the above is just not enough).

When it became clear to her that her two favourite things in the world are having silly fun and sharing things she’s knowledgeable and passionate about, teaching improv was the obvious next step – and she’s has a delightful time coaching indie teams, a house Fresh Blood team, and several levels of the Improv Conspiracy curriculum.

Please ask her about her spreadsheet where she keeps a record of every show she’s ever done (currently 328 and counting!) and about how she co-holds the theatre’s record for the longest winning streak in Cage Match (15 weeks!)

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