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Filip Lescaut — Performer Details

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May 2016
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Deep in the remote, majestic jungles of Serbia, a young Filip Lescaut and his sister would kill time in the line for bread by acting out scenes from their favourite Latin American telenovelas. These stories would usually revolve around twin sisters, one sexy and treacherous, the other virtuous but potato-faced. This activity instilled in Filip a love of both complex storytelling and getting attention, so much so that he forgot all about the bread.

Ten years later, on the eve of his 18th birthday, Filip became jaw-droppingly beautiful. I’m talking proud, almost insolent pectorals; arms and legs that warranted buying a Men’s Large; and sumptuous, bountiful elbows that seemed to say, “Excuse me, could you tell me when the next bus arrives?” It was a look not unlike that of an early ‘90s Fabio. (Also like Fabio, Filip has killed a goose with just the power of his face.) Like all beautiful people, Filip was rejected by society, but this pain eventually made him the great actor he is today. To witness the acting prowess that would make Sir Lawrence Olivier roll over in his grave and punch himself in the dick, you can see Filip perform with his spooky cabal Karl "Raccoon" Marx at the Improv Conspiracy.  

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