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Lauren Hayward — Performer Details

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August 2015

Lauren has been formally improvising for a little less than a year, but she has been making stuff up on the spot for a little more than 20 years. Her mother told her that informal improvising was "lying" and to "knock it off" despite the fact it is a proven indicator of a preternaturally gifted child (less so for p-plater returning home with an unexplained dent in the family car).

All-in-all Lauren had a peaceful and happy childhood - the only child of an Eastern European immigrant and a country boy - by all accounts she should have been drawn to farming instead of writing and performing. Such is the mystery of the genetic lottery.

She likes sunny days, a decent steak and laughing, so tries to enjoy each as often as she can. Improv makes her feel like she's getting to do all three at once with her best friends in a field of puppies and kittens, so hopes to continue doing it for as long as anyone will let her, because her mum "won't put up with it anymore".

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