Covid Update – June 17:  The theatre is reopening at 50% capacity (27 tickets per event) from Friday June 18 – please be aware that we will be fully clearing the venue between performances, and early patrons will not be allowed into the lobby until the previous audience has been dismissed. Saturday and Sunday workshops are running, and if those run smoothly while new COVID case numbers remain favourable, we expect that our Monday-Thursday workshops will run too. 

Pedro Cooray — Performer Details

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November 2017

Pedro is a writer and improviser (unless you're one of his relatives, then he's a comedian) who has been active at TIC since 2016.

You may have seen him on Fresh Blood team "Nature Boy" (2017), or Harold teams "Surrounded By W*nkers" (2018) and "Dingo" (2019). Outside of Harold Night, Pedro is also a member of the all-South Asian improv group "Yes, Ghandi", the all-people of colour sketch group "The Tokenists", and the all-nerd improv group "Completely Improvised Potter". 

In his spare time, Pedro enjoys pretending not to have opinions about the video game Final Fantasy XIII-2 in order to appear cool.

Upcoming Performances

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