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Shea Evans — Performer Details

Shea web
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December 2014

This is the actual spelling of Shea’s name and any other variations are just decoys designed so that potential employers and would be stalkers cannot find his unconcealed online presence.

Shea comes to the Improv Conspiracy after trying his hand at stand-up comedy and even though he enjoyed it (and was absolutely hilarious) he wanted more of a collaborative environment in which to be creative.

Having studied Theatre and Drama at university Shea wanted to take the stage and delight audiences for the rest of his life; however being a pragmatic man, he decided to enter the workforce and delight bored co-workers mainly because they were much easier to please considering their dull surroundings and low expectations.

Always up for a laugh and a crazy antic Shea is super excited to be joining his new Harold team for 2015.

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