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August 30, 2015

Stephanie’s history with improvisation predates her work with The Improv Conspiracy by a decade: while playing Tybalt in a primary school production of Romeo and Juliet, she spontaneously tried to slay Romeo about twenty pages before the script dictated. 

Since then she has been involved in a number of less bloodthirsty theatrical endeavours, including undertaking an intensive program at NYU Tisch, performing the interactive one-on-one work 'Birthday Party’ 124 times in a storage cupboard at La Mama, eating a souvlaki in physical comedy piece 'A Greek Tragedy' at MUDFest and performing in the last 5 Melbourne Fringe Festivals.

When not treading the boards, she studies at the University of Melbourne, works as a game master at an escape room, and hosts ‘1700’ on Channel 31.

She satisfies her burning need to make things up by performing with Harold team Second Dinner, as well as improvised Shakespeare troupe Soothplayers and improv gameshow Full Disclosure, and lying to get out of stuff.

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