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Taylor is a performer, writer and aspiring director.

Her Improv career began in 2015 at The Improv Conspiracy Theatre, with whom she now performs weekly as a cast member of The Remix and Harold night.

She has also been involved in numerous MICF and fringe fest shows, and even briefly shared a green room with Hamish Blake* of Hamish and Andy fame.

With dreams of owning a hybrid florist/bookshop/café/cinema/venue, Taylor can confidently say she has too many dreams.

She loves meeting new people and collaborating, so MESSAGE HER (she’ll love it), but if you’re a fan of Everybody Loves Raymond don’t even bother. #debradeservedbetter  #debraisakween


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*Hamish Blake has no idea who Taylor is, he was hiding from fans as she gave him a sweaty anxious nod.

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