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Zach Navarre — Performer Details

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October 2016
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Zach Navarre started with Improv Conspiracy in 2013, then stopped doing much of anything for a while, and is now back with a vengeance in the year 2016. Zach Navarre is originally from America, but please don't hold that against him.

As a child, Zach Navarre regularly picked fights with the Atlantic Ocean. Zach Navarre wanted to be an archaeologist when he grew up, before learning the profession had little to do with punching Nazis. The Atlantic Ocean is not a Nazi, as far as anyone knows.

Zach Navarre has never been stung by a bee, despite their best efforts. Zach Navarre went luging in Germany once, a dairy cow witnessed the whole affair.

Previously, Zach Navarre has done a lot of community theatre and independent films with friends, including one film that took place entirely in a hot tub at night with a mutant fish man. Zach Navarre was once stabbed in the thigh with a blunt knife during rehearsals and could not have been prouder.

Zach Navarre loves peanut butter.

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