Zoe Gough — Performer Details

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December 2015

For much of her life Zoe would have been voted "Most Likely To Run Away From A Stage In Any Situation". But as Maya Angelou once said, "if you are a 20-something comedy obsessive with an overwhelming fear of dying with regrets, sometimes you just have to dive in."

Inspired by her words (and mutiple readings of Tina Fey's Bossypants), Zoe nervously flung herself into the Conspiracy life and instantly fell in love. From a young girl poring over the MICF program and watching her tapes of Mitchell & Webb until they fell apart, Zoe has now worked her way through the Improv Conspiracy classes, voluntarily jumped on stage with the student team Friendship Train whenever she could, and is looking forward to performing regularly with her new Harold team and travelling to study at iO Chicago in 2016.

It pays to dive in.