Cool & Smart vs Meyers Piggs Test: The Rematch — Show Details & Upcoming Sessions

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During The Melbourne International Comedy Festival of 2021, two great improv teams made it all the way through several heats of the most prestigious improv competition known to Australia; The Tournament of Teams. In the end, they faced each other for the grand title; each team poised to take the thrown, but only one would walk away victorious.

After a grueling 20min of non-stop laughter, "Cool & Smart" was crowned the champions, but did they really deserve this glory? or was something more sinister at play?

Some say that Cool & Smart committed unspeakable crimes in order to win the hearts of the audience, others say they won fair and square and Meyers Piggs Test simply gave a lackluster performance. One thing's for sure, rumours flew left and right, and the sanctity of competitive improv was never the same.

Almost a year later the teams will return to the stage to revisit this controversial match, and this time, it's personal!

Come witness history as Cool & Smart battles it out against Meyers Piggs Test one last time in an epic rematch where two teams enter and only one team will survive

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