Egg On Your Face — Show Details & Upcoming Sessions

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  Fridays @ 7pm - this August & September only!
  $15 Tickets
(Plus $0.50 Online Booking Fee)
Most sessions offer a 20% early bird discount for tickets booked over 24 hours in advance

Jamais Vu is a French phrase meaning "never seen". It refers to the phenomenon of experiencing a situation that one recognises in some fashion, but nonetheless seems very unfamiliar. This is what we’re creating with this show. 7 improv comedians will walk on to a completely constructed set and improvise their way through a partially directed plot. We will spend the hour, with you, figuring out who they are, what they want, and how this situation will end. The show is in the hands of the improvisers yet, they are not entirely in control. 


This is Westworld meets The Truman Show. 

Egg On Your Face is experimental immersive improv that explores the blurred lines between reality and fantasy, fate and free will, constructed storytelling and improvisation, confessions and secrets. It’s an existential crisis wrapped up in a beautifully fun, deep, and surprising show that always follows the script of human behaviour. 

Today’s the day. Anything could happen! 


Friday August 16: A board room, but in the 80s 

Friday August 23: Small town meeting 

Friday August 30: Buckingham Palace dinner party 

Friday September 6: Intergalactic birthday

Upcoming Sessions

Sorry, there are no scheduled sessions for this show at the moment!