Les Improvisé: An Improvised Musical - MICF

Do You Hear the People Sing? Singing the songs made up on the spot!

Welcome to Les Improvisé, where a series of talented Impro actors from Impro Melbourne, The Big Hoo Ha and The Improv Conspiracy will receive a title from you, our audience. They then must improvise their way out of chaos the only way they know how: a one-act feature-length musical!

Will it be a showstopping comedy? Or a nail-biting who-dunnit? Or both! Or even, a romantic ghost story set on a pickle farm?* You, the audience, decide!

* This actually happened.

"I noticed many audience members buckled over in laughter, one guy laughing into his hand as if he didn't want the full laughter to escape..." Weekend Notes

"Voice projection like no other." Weekend Notes

Les Improvisé: An Improvised Musical - MICF
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