One Night Sushi Stand

Showko, the most original Japanese ventriloquist and Rakugo performer (400 year-old Japanese Traditional Comedy Theatre) returns to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival to premiere a new version of "One Night Sushi Stand” (Melbourne Festival of Puppetry 2023 Sell Out Show) promising an even crazier and funnier experience.

"One Night Sushi Stand” a seaweed-wrapped Ventriloquist Rakugo sitcom, follows Showko, a single mum with dreams as big as Godzilla. She juggles bills and her son's education while running her sushi bar. The show is very crazy, hilarious and surreal with quirky handmade puppets including the main puppet Sushi Master and her teenage son, Takeru. Then there’s a cat, Ginger who has problems with her very jealous partner, an excessive eater called  One Eye, the facelift & Botox addict, Scarlet and Allergy Angel who has allergic to everything including people who talk about their allergies and herself!

Imagine Mighty Boosh meets Midnight Diner via the Muppets


Armed with a sharp wit, a keen sense of kookiness, and quirky collection of hand-made puppets, Showko invites everyone to her surreal sitcom.


Audiences appreciate her ability to connect with them during live performances, a skill she attributes to her training as a Rakugo performer in both Japan and London. Showko is the only fully trained Rakugo performer living outside Japan. Rakugo is like martial arts, requires the apprentice to train under a master. The difference being that in martial arts you learn how to kick arse; in Rakugo you learn how to make someone laugh their arse off!


Created and performed by Showko - ABC, Amazon Prime Video

Directed by Jason Marion – Melbourne International Comedy Festival award-winning director, Spicks and Specks 

Accompanist, Steve Colebrook – Legendary Melbourne musician (Cattletruck, Hey, Hey, It’s Saturday, Countdown )

'Absolutely hilarious and frigging fantastic!' ★★★★★ Glam Adelaide

'Exceptional.' ★★★★½ Herald Sun

'Showko is a top rate ventriloquist. Must see show... Absolutely absurd.' ★★★★ Adelaide Advertiser

'Quirky, charismatic and a little bit crazy… will have you rolling on the floor laughing.' ★★★★ Great Scott!!





One Night Sushi Stand
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