Snap Lockdown Update – July 21:  We remain unable to resume classes or shows until Thursday July 29 at the earliest. Workshops and student showcases will be pushed back on a rolling weekly basis as needed – check the listed dates and times on this website for the current plan.

 Space Jam — Show Details & Upcoming Sessions

  Once per month, Sunday @ 6pm
Most sessions offer a 10% early bird discount for tickets booked over 24 hours in advance

SPACE JAM: For all women, non-binary and gender diverse people.The stage is Our Space!

For one Sunday each month The Improv Conspiracy puts on an improv comedy jam with a dedicated performance space for all women, non-binary and gender perse people (anyone else who does not identify as a women, non-binary or gender perse person are very welcome and encouraged to watch and support the participants).

What’s an improv jam? Well, it’s your chance to perform improv comedy with a bunch of amazing jammers and other experienced and supportive improv comedians. All you have to do is turn up on the night, pop your name in the jam jar and eagerly await to be selected. When your name is called you’ll jump up on stage and perform a full ten minute improv comedy show with a group of your [soon to be] friends!

For anyone new to this, we understand that this sounds both very exciting and completely daunting but we promise you, you will be supported, you will feel safe and you will have a really fun time. No prior performance or improv experience required! Previous participants have labelled this space as ‘empowering’, ‘freeing’, ‘welcoming’, ‘safe’, ‘goofy’, ‘supportive’ and ‘fun’. Come a long and find out for yourself! Each jam will end with a performance from a pre-selected Improv Conspiracy Student team.

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Upcoming Sessions

Sorry, there are no scheduled sessions for this show at the moment!