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 The Peer Revue — Show Details & Upcoming Sessions

  $24 Full / $20 Concession / $18 Groups of 4+
(Plus $0.50 Online Booking Fee)

Smart meets silly in The Peer Revue, where cutting-edge research fuels improv comedy.

Each month a different superstar researcher tells stories from their research, which will inspire a cast of talented improvisers to create brand new, unscripted comedy.

The Peer Revue is a hilarious celebration of science, philosophy, history, art, and all things academic. You’ll laugh, and you also might learn.

It's been said that artificial intelligence (AI) won't take your job, but someone using AI will. Our guest for May, Professor Margaret Bearman, researches the complexity of learning and working in a 'post-digital' age - one where ChatGPT already is relieving people of some of the drudgery of life, and techbros are inventing new job titles like "prompt engineer". This work takes her to classrooms, airplane cockpits and operating theatres. In parallel to her academic life, Margaret has written two published novels, made award-winning short films, and was once herself an improviser! Margaret is a Research Professor at Deakin University's Centre for Research in Assessment and Digital Learning (CRADLE).