The Peer Revue

Smart meets silly in The Peer Revue, where cutting-edge research fuels improv comedy.

Each month a different superstar researcher tells stories from their research, which will inspire a cast of talented improvisers to create brand new, unscripted comedy.

The Peer Revue is a hilarious celebration of science, philosophy, history, art, and all things academic. You’ll laugh, and you also might learn.

To save the world, we’re gonna have to change what we all do. But, have you ever tried changing what someone does? Or even change what you do? From shorter showers to avoiding food waste to making our homes more energy efficient, it turns out it’s pretty hard to change what big groups of people do. Fortunately, there’s a whole science to it, and our June guest Dr Mark Boulet is an expert. Mark is Senior Research Fellow at BehaviourWorks Australia, where he leads the Environment Portfolio, looking after a team of researchers that apply behavioural science principles to issues such as circular economy and responsible consumption, biodiversity conservation, climate change adaptation, and natural disaster response. BehaviourWorks Australia is part of the Monash Sustainable Development Institute (MSDI).

The Peer Revue
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