Improv is for everyone, especially you.

No script? No problem! Our improv comedy program is designed to help you unlock your inner creative genius.

  Try a free improv trial session, on us!

Free improv trial sessions run every Saturday afternoon at one of our Melbourne CBD locations.

Each free trial session will be hosted by one or two of The Improv Conspiracy Theatre's most enthusiastic teachers and performance ensemble members. You'll be guided through a few of the most exciting and inspiring activities and exercises from our Level 1 curriculum.

Expect heaps of fun in a low-pressure environment, with lots of like-minded people. There's absolutely no obligation to continue on to a paid class, but trust us, you'll probably want to!

There are 16 spaces in total, so book in before it's too late.

There's no prior acting or comedy experience required to participate!

  Upcoming Trial Sessions

 A Free Taste – 7 October

Saturday, October 7
The Improv Conspiracy Theatre - Lobby

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Hurry, only 12 spaces remaining!

 A Free Taste – 14 October

Saturday, October 14
The Improv Conspiracy Theatre - Lobby

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 A Free Taste - Wheelchair Accessible – 22 October

Sunday, October 22
Theory Bar (Ground Floor) – Front Room

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 A Free Taste – 28 October

Saturday, October 28
The Improv Conspiracy Theatre - Lobby

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None of these options work for you?

Tell us a bit about your schedule and we'll email you when relevant new A Free Taste (Optional Trial Session) workshops are listed

Browse our entire improv comedy training program

Our Chicago-style improvised comedy training program spans six exciting core class levels, plus a variety of special electives, regular drop-in sessions, etc.

There's no prior acting or comedy experience required to get started with your free trial or Level 1 class. Prerequisites apply for higher levels and some standalone classes.

All core levels include an end-of-term showcase performance at The Improv Conspiracy Theatre for your friends and family

Full-term courses include 4x free tickets to watch shows at the theatre, plus discounted personal-use tickets once you run out of freebies.

 Free Trial Session

A Free Taste (Optional Trial Session)

Improv is for everyone, not just established actors and comedians. To prove it, we're offering you a high-fun low-pressure intro session for FREE!

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 Core Program

Improv Level 1 - Introduction to Long Form Improv

Our introductory course, for improv newbies and veterans alike. This workshop teaches the basics of Chicago-style long form improvisation, which may be different from what you're used to if you've trained elsewhere in Australia.

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Improv Level 2 - Character & Relationship

Now that you know the basics, this workshop aims to give a deeper understanding of the building blocks of long form improvisation: Character & Relationship

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Improv Level 3 - The Game of the Scene

Solid scenework is the foundation upon which all long form improv is built. This workshop focuses entirely on scenes and the ingredients that go into making them comedic!

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Improv Level 4 - The Harold: Scene Work

This class serves as your introduction to the Harold format, with an emphasis on calling back scenes through second and third beats, with prescribed openings and group games.

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Improv Level 5 - The Harold: Group Work

This class serves as your deeper dive into the organic group mind aspect of long form improvisation, and in particular, the Harold format. More technical than previous levels, this workshop builds on everything you've learnt so far!

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Improv Level 6 - The Harold: Performance Level

Our core program ends with our Performance Level, in which you'll work with an established coach from The Improv Conspiracy community and put on multiple performances throughout your class term.

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 Standalone Classes

Special Elective Workshops

From time to time we hope to offer elective courses focusing on special skills or improv formats. These will be announced as they come available, and may have prerequisites.

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Drop-In Classes

Occasionally we offer casual single-session workshops for you to improve various aspects of your improv. Each session features a different focus, a different teacher, and a different group of people to play with.

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Why take a class at The Improv Conspiracy Theatre?
It's no wonder we're the most popular comedy school in Australia
Classes starting soon: New 8-week class intakes every month of the year
Free trials: On the fence? Low-risk / high-fun sessions run ahead of each class intake
No experience required: Start today, no acting/writing/comedy background required
Inspiring teachers: Established comedic performers with years of experience
Get on stage: Most classes include student showcase performances
Our own CBD venues: Melbourne's only company with its own training centre & theatre. In 2018 we added a training annex to house additional classes.
4 free premium show tickets per 8-week term: check out some of the premium comedy shows at our theatre during your class term
Unlimited discounted standby tickets: those free tickets not enough? During term you can see as many shows as you want via our standby line, with big discounts off our normal prices.
Theory Bar discounts: 10% off at our ground floor bar for your enjoyment before/after classes and shows
Friends and collaborators: Access to a network of 2000+ local creatives
Audition opportunities: Graduated? Apply to create on our stage and video channels
Don't take our word for it!
Check out these student testimonials

Kiran R.

I took the Level 1 workshop, and I treasure my experience (so far) with The Improv Conspiracy... The community is warm and welcoming, and the talent on display at the TIC ranges from outright hilarious to heart-wrenching. I highly recommend the course to anyone.

Emily F.

Improv isn't just about being funny or performing on a stage. It's about learning to love and be in tune with your instincts and be present with everyone else in the room. About learning to love it when you 'fail' and embrace living in the moment. The Improv Conspiracy Theatre teaches you how to live.

Corrie B.

The Improv Conspiracy helped me grow immensely as a person and a performer. It also reminded me I may be over 18 but I never have to grow up (phew!). The school is welcoming and fun, and I loved coming to class every week. Highly recommend the classes. Go check out the shows too - they're hilarious!

Michael W.

This has been an incredible opportunity which I have found very fun, challenging and applicable to every day life. I'm excited to continue through the improv workshops!

James E.

An amazing experience that will equip you with new skills that can be translated to life, relationships and work. Highly recommend for anyone looking to experience something new and exciting within a supportive and educational framework.

Madeline D.

Now that I've started, I don't want to stop!

Liam H.

The Improv Conspiracy has changed my life. Thank you for such a wonderful, supportive community.

Angela S.

In Level One I learned that the best way to be a star is to make your scene partner a star. I always thought I was a solo flier but at the end of this course I realised the right ethos and the right team energy make a performance so much more inspired.

Stefan S.

It's really fun looking back after completing the 5 levels at TIC. I've had an insane amount of fun, met some incredible people and learnt so much about myself - both as an improviser and as a person. It's been an eye opening experience and I'm very grateful to have done it. I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I started, but I can honestly say I've had a blast.

Maddison V.

I walked into my first class absolutely terrified and contemplated locking myself in the bathroom for the whole class. 8 weeks later I walked off stage with my new friends by my side, feeling so proud and amazed at how much I've grown. Thank you improv!

Lowell T.

My level 1 class was such an amazing experience. Our teacher took us through everything we would need to know to go from having no background in improv to being able to put on a class show. The course was fun and I met lots of great creative people!

Emily J.

This is one of the best training courses I have ever done. I felt my brain work in a different way, and my creativity flowed effortlessly. I'm a better performer, improvisor and person because of this course.

Zandalee D.

I hate to use this cliche but doing improv has definitely transformed my life. I havent been able to express such creative energy for a long time, and i just feel so free. I encourage anyone and everyone to try this, you dont need anything but yourself. You are enough.

Matthew E.

Level 1 was awesome, I was nervous going into it but that was short lived. The class was relaxed & real supportive — I loved it!