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Preregistration and Continuation Vouchers are great options for anyone in the middle of an 8-week course term with us, who is is intent on continuing classes with us in the future.

Both options allow you to pre-pay for your next term of classes and receive a discount in the process. The difference between these two options is that:

  • Preregistration helps you enrol into specific upcoming classes via a priority queue and personal course preference list
  • Continuation Vouchers don't put you in the queue for any specific class, but allow you to claim a discount now and redeem it at any point in the next three years

In both cases, these offers are valid during Weeks 5, 6 and 7 of your 8-week course term. The sooner you book, the bigger the discount.

Each term, active students are eligible for one of these discounted offers – whichever suits you best!

Please to check and manage your preregistrations

Before You Preregister

After You Preregister

Discounted Vouchers

Our community watering hole

Enjoy some good times downstairs at Theory Bar

Fancy a beverage after your next show or class session? Our ground floor bar is open Wednesday–Sunday.

Community members and ticket-holders get 10% off*

(* Sundays and Public Holidays excepted)

Theory Bar