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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Now Hiring: Theatre Operations Manager / Assistant Artistic Director

[Update 12 September: The role has been filled.]

Theatre Operations Manager / Assistant Artistic Director (AAD)

Part-Time Salaried Role (20-30 hours weekly, negotiable)

(Want something approaching full-time income from TIC? The person in this role would be strongly considered to fill any teaching, coaching, and corporate training opportunities as they arise…)

The Improv Conspiracy Theatre’s mission is to foster and showcase the best improv and comedy in Australia. We host over 12 hours of original comedy content every week, on Thursday-Sunday nights, split between in-house productions and shows produced by external stakeholders. We seek a new management-level hire to help with the day-to-day operations of the theatre, and the execution of the Artistic Director’s vision, both of which grow increasingly complex as our audience sizes and our community of performers expand.

Primary responsibilities include:

  • Serving as the official point of contact for, and handling the onboarding/offboarding of:
    • All in-house performance ensemble members
    • All in-house directors/coaches
    • All external producers with shows at the Theatre
  • Leading TIC’s auditions panel through the semi-annual auditions process
  • Working closely with AD to curate, maintain, and promote the lineup of shows at the theatre
  • Planning and implementing improvements to our physical space, patron experience/retention, and new patron acquisition channels
  • Sales, outreach and networking efforts with local businesses and media
  • When requested and necessary, AAD may serve as AD’s surrogate in select areas of operation. When called upon, AAD may attend local events as an official representative of TIC.

The ideal candidate would have experience with most/all of:

  • Managing and collaborating with a large network of creative people
  • B2B and B2C interactions and relationship building
  • Chicago-style improv/sketch comedy directing and production
  • Standard office admin tasks
  • Online communication and productivity software (Google Apps, Slack, etc.)
  • Data Entry / Content Management Systems

Seeking optimistic, enthusiastic applicants who are eager to work towards our mission in alignment with our core values. Established tenure and experience in the TIC community strongly preferred, although external candidates with relevant experience will be considered.

Flexible hours over one-month averaging periods - crunch weeks may be offset by lighter weeks. Some evening/weekend availability is expected.

The Improv Conspiracy Theatre is dedicated to building a perse and equitable environment and strongly encourages applications from minorities and women. 


[Update 12 September: The role has been filled.]

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