Announcing our new Spotlight Series of improv workshops

Wednesday, May 1, 2024Posted in Workshops
The Improv Conspiracy Theatre

An exciting new addition to our Hobby & Community Track – a drop-in workshop immediately followed by a community performance

Our new SPOTLIGHT SERIES is a hybrid drop-in workshop and performance that we'll be offering on most upcoming Sunday afternoons, to students eligible for our Hobby & Community Track of improv workshops*.

(* Prerequisites: having completed an 8-week term of Starter 301: The Game of the Scene – regardless of pass/repeat outcome in that course)

Each entry in the Spotlight Series consists of a 3-hour workshop offered upstairs at The Improv Conspiracy Theatre, followed by an 30-60 minute performance downstairs at Theory Bar, to show off the skills you've just worked on.

Spotlight on Hosting & MC Skills

The first workshop is this Sunday, and the spotlight will be on... Show Hosting & MC Skills!

A host's job is to be warm and welcoming, and to speak to the audience in a way that's both informative and entertaining. They're the person the audience sees first and last, and have a huge impact on whether a show goes well for the improvisers.

In this workshop we'll work on some tried and true recipes for hosting success, and get plenty of reps pretending to host a few classic TIC shows like Cage Match and The Remix.

By taking this workshop you'll be set up to host your own indie shows with a slick level of polish, and possibly even find yourself on TIC's radar as a future paid host for shows like Cage Match and Tournament of Teams.

Our community watering hole

Enjoy some good times downstairs at Theory Bar

Fancy a beverage after your next show or class session? Our ground floor bar is open Wednesday–Sunday.

Community members and ticket-holders get 10% off*

(* Sundays and Public Holidays excepted)

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