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Introducing Page to Stage

Monday, May 20, 2024Posted in Workshops

Our brand new Sketch writing course, the perfect bridge between “Introduction to Comedy Writing” and “Producing a Sketch Show.”

I’m very excited to announce Page to Stage, our brand new Sketch class, and the perfect bridge between “Introduction to Comedy Writing” and “Producing a Sketch Show.”

In the final level of our sketch course “Producing a Sketch Show” we’ve always been up against it time-wise. Getting a cohesive show, with a central theme or idea ready for the stage for the very first time always has always been immensely challenging. In some cases, those students are seeing their work on stage in front of an audience for the first time ever.

As an arts-ed org and a live theatre, we have always known the value of testing work on stage. Whether that’s your writing, or your improv skills, we know that the best lessons we learn as performers and writers don't all come from the wisdom of individual teachers, but very often from a room full of people who either are, or are not laughing.

We have also acknowledged the current landscape of comedy in Melbourne and Australia with the rapid emergence of alt-comedy rooms and character showcases happening all over the city every week, and many of the recent festival nominees and award winners being incredibl performers adopting hilarious characters and performing in their skin.

Page to Stage is a really fun response to all of the above. The Sketch committee at TIC, particularly in this case Caitlyn Staples, and Jayden Masciulli have completely re-designed our sketch course in recent months and I’d like to thank and congratulate them! I’m so thrilled by the results of their work.

In Page to Stage, over 7 weeks, each student will work and re-work on a solo character piece and an ensemble piece, with opportunities to workshop ideas with one another and culminating in a showcase where you’ll learn how your work stands up on stage in front of an audience. Week 8 will allow you to absorb the lessons from your show and do re-writes in response.

Now, the scope and sequence of our entire sketch course feels more cohesive and effectively scaffolded than ever before, and if you’re a graduate of our intro course and are interested in working on your comedy writing with more depth and purpose then this new level is just for you!

The first ever Page to Stage is being lead by Caitlyn herself and has 5 spots still available. Get in there!

Please feel free to email if you have any questions!

Broni Lisle

About the author

Broni Lisle

Broni Lisle is the Education Director as well as a performer, instructor and coach with The Improv Conspiracy. He's also the host of The Improv Conspiracy Podcast

You can check out his animated improv series Spontoon on IG, TikTok and YouTube, or grab his music from

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