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Replay Festival comes to The Improv Conspiracy

Wednesday, June 19, 2024Posted in Theatre

Catch the next big names in comedy as they return for a limited season after MICF

All July, Replay Festival is giving you a chance to fix DOMO (devastation over missing out) by bringing back over 40 of the top comedy shows from this year’s festivals!

This year, the festival is expanding into three venues – Comedy Republic, The Arts Centre, and Improv Conspiracy (Theory Bar) so you have even more chances to see this year’s award-winning comedians, sellout shows and the next big names in comedy.

At Theory Bar and The Improv Conspiracy, you can catch The Burton Brothers, Mish Wittrup, Grace Zhang, Ash Apap, Andy Balloch, Lauren Edwards, Molly Daniels and Dylan Murphy, Rose Bishop, Laurence Driscoll and Bidget Hassed.

Check out the link below for shows at The Improv Conspiracy

Check out the link below for shows at Theory Bar (between July 3rd and 21st)

Laura Josephine

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Laura Josephine

Laura Josephine is the Theatre Operations Manager and Assistant Artistic Director of The Improv Conspiracy Theatre. She took her first class here in early 2013 and has been involved teaching and performing ever since.

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