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August 2012
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Born from an egg on a mountain top, Scott McAteer grew up in Hobart and now lives in Melbourne. He tries to be funny in various forms including stand-up, theatre, and facial expressions.

Scott's first successful dabbling into stand-up comedy resulted in being in the 2000 Victorian State final of Raw Comedy; his next was at the 2005 Victorian State final of Raw Comedy, having spent much of the intervening time drunk. Scott appeared in Melbourne International Comedy Festival as part of the Baby Seals in 2009 and 2010; and currently performs with The Big HOO-HAA!. He has also written several plays which have been performed around the world.
ArtsHub; October 21, 2011
By far the standout of Melbourne Writers’ Theatre’s showcase was Scott McAteer’s Wolf Man, a one-man show that was more of a humorous comedic rant than a solo performance. McAteer deftly weaved a neat storyline into his high-blood-pressure lesson in anger management. He also has a natural ability to deliver rage-lined black humour, making for a hugely entertaining few minutes.
Transactions; January 16, 2007
"This was one of the highlights of the evening. Dean Tuttle plays a chap who has a good relationship with his local prostitute (Belinda Marques). His life is so lonely and unsatisfactory that he pays this lady of the night to dress up in not very alluring jarmies and pretend to be his wife. She, understandably, isn’t really into performing unnatural acts, such reading in bed and being completely asexual. Marques and Tuttle, along with director Victor Kline, really appreciate the subtleties and poignancy of Scott McAteer’s script. McAteer quietly dissects the loneliness of suburban life, and doesn’t overplay the denouement."; September 26, 2007
This was my stand out winner of the night. Scott McAteer has created authentic characters who we care about, a situation that surprises and plot that is always one step ahead of our expectations. Tightly directed by Harry Paternoster and honestly performed by Simon Kearney and Bobbi-Lea Dionysius.
On the Cards; January 30, 2008 (Sydney Performance)
"The most important lesson that one can take from this play is that if “Hey sexy lady. Do you Sudoku?” is your best pick-up line, you’re likely to die alone... this piece is amusing, with a clever twist at the end. Lauren Hamilton Neill shines as the fiery lesbian, Bobbi."; Wednesday, December 12 2007 (Melbourne performance)
"Scott McAteer always surprises with his plots. He never lets the audience get ahead of him. What do you do if your drunk psychic has predicted the love of your life will break your heart? Do you still meet them? Good characters, original plot and a damn good laugh."
The Storyteller
The Sauce; March 17, 2007
"Finally, all too soon, it was time for the last show, “The Storyteller” by One Day-favourite writer, Scott McAteer (writing from Melbourne) and directed by Fleur Evans. By some miraculous serendipity, this script was quite thematically similar to the show beforehand, but delivered with McAteer’s trademark off-the-wall humour. Father and son, Ron and Nathan, meet in the park for a game of chess as they discuss Nathan’s latest romance. This is juxtaposed by the first meeting of Ron and his former wife, delivered as an allegorical toy-box fantasy, with David Quinn’s awesome “Optimal Maximus” character (complete with Transforming sound effects!) carting off Megan Gillard’s “Barbie” character. The fun and games soon faded into memory by show’s end however with a subtle twist, delivered with great sensitivity by Quinn. Coupled with the prior show it made for a moving set of plays."
Glutton For Punishment
The Program; 03.09.2007
"Glutton for Punishment sprang to life with a fantastic set design and costumes, and equally energetic and engrossing performances by the three main characters. Exploring the sin of gluttony, the play and direction very clearly captured the guilty pleasure and then despair often associated with food. Despite the story being about a girl’s eating disorder, there was plenty of humour and well-delivered comedy. A slightly surreal take on a traditional fairy tale, the play was fresh, entertaining and lively."

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