90 minutes of nonstop fun: catch the 2019 edition of our cult classic improv comedy marathon 3 MAD RITUALS this Friday at 6:30pm

Cage Match — Show Details

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  Thursday Nights at 10:15pm
  $6 Tickets
(Plus $0.50 Online Booking Fee)

No holds barred, no beg your pardons - it’s the wildest night of competitve improv comedy Melbourne has to offer! The Improv Conspiracy presents - CAGE MATCH!

Each week two teams go head-to-head at The Improv Conspiracy Theatre. Nothing is off limits as long as it's improvised - any theme, any format, anyone. Once they’re done the audience votes on a winner - with the champion returning the next week to face off against a new challenger.

This ain’t a poetry slam, this ain’t a rap battle. This.. is… CAAAAAGGGGEEEEE MAAAAAATTTTTTTTCCCCCCHHHHHHH!

Cage Match Rules

1. Each team is given twenty minutes to perform. It's gotta be improv, and it's gotta be twenty minutes.

2. The audience will vote for the team that gave them the most satisfaction.

3. The team with the most votes wins.


Want to enter the Cage Match?

Email josh@improvconspiracy.com for access to the entry form!

Upcoming Sessions

Sorry, there are no scheduled sessions for this show at the moment!