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July 31st – August 10th

Red Hot Improv Jam

The Red Hot Improv Jam is a fun, inclusive space for you to get up on stage and improvise!

Put your name in the Jam Jar (*) for your chance to be pulled up on stage to make some improvised comedy magic based on an audience suggestion. If that sounds daunting, don't worry – you'll be paired with established improvisers who will take great care of you.

Open to anyone at all, whether you're an Improv Conspiracy student or not!

(* Don't put your name in the jar? That's fine! You can take your time building up the nerve by watching others have a great experience. You won't be forced on stage, only encouraged to put your name in once you feel ready.)

♿️ Wheelchair-accessible sessions: please keep an eye out below for select monthly sessions taking place at Theory Bar on the ground floor beneath our theatre

Red Hot Improv Jam
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