Improv is for everyone, not just established actors and comedians. To prove it, we're offering you a fun intro session for FREE!

Each session will be hosted by one or two of our most enthusiastic teachers and performance ensemble members. You'll be guided through a few of the most exciting and inspiring activities and exercises from our Level 1 curriculum.

Expect heaps of fun in a low-pressure environment, with lots of like-minded people. There's absolutely no obligation to continue on to a paid class, but trust us, you'll probably want to!

Spaces are limited, so book now!

Once registered, please let us know ASAP if you won't be able to attend – we'll gladly let you reschedule for free with at least 2 hours of notice provided. Registrants who no-show or late-cancel will be asked to pay a modest fee to rebook.

Course Prerequisites
This course has no prerequisites
You are eligible for this course
Course Duration
Single Session
Course Fees
First time making a booking? We'll waive the course fees at checkout – enjoy the session for free on us!
Previous late cancel (under 2 hours) or no-show? That's fine, life happens... but we respectfully ask that you pay our modest course fees of $10 to book back in.


What students are saying about this course level

"A super welcoming and invigorating introduction to improv. I didn't want the class to end! And signed up straight away to the level 1 classes."

Gabrielle R.
A Free Taste (Optional Trial Session) Student

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