Producing a Sketch Show — Workshop Level

Curriculum Description

Let's get those sketches up on stage! In this class you'll work with your fellow students, the instructor and a director to create a completely original sketch comedy show at the Improv Conspiracy Theatre. 

The class will work as a team, pitching and brainstorming together in class and doing group writing assignments outside of class. The collective will come up with heaps of great content that couldn't have been created by any inpidual on their own.

Note: it's our hope that every student will get at least one sketch they've contributed to writing into the final show. However, this comes down to the quality and quantity of your work submitted throughout the term. The director may also pull actors from the wider Improv Conspiracy community.

This course runs as 10 scheduled weeks (as opposed to our usual 8 week terms) to account for extra rehearsal and production time involved. The cost remains in line with our 8 week terms to allow instructors/directors to flexibly organise a schedule that maximises productivity on-site each week. Therefore, depending on your level of involvement week to week, you will be required for 8-10 sessions. 

Upcoming Sessions

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