This level is designed to introduce you to The Improv Conspiracy's approach to long form improvised comedy. No prior acting or improv experience is required.

Each class session starts with some fun warm-up exercises designed to help you to get a bit silly and to bond with your classmates.

After the warm-up you'll move onto some enjoyable exercises designed to help you learn some of the basic skills we use when doing improvised scenes on stage.

After the exercises there will be time for you to perform open-ended scenes. This is where the real magic happens! You'll be asked to call on that day's lesson, plus anything you've worked on during the prior weeks.

By the end of the 8 weeks you'll be capable of creating and sustaining interesting and entertaining 3-minute scenes that are completely improvised. Your class will then put on a 30-minute long improvised show for your friends and family, featuring a blend of truthful storytelling and improv scenes inspired by the stories!

Specific Skills and Topics Covered:

- An introduction to the core tenets of improvisation: agreement, listening, commitment & support

- Truth in comedy: how to use truthful storytelling as a way to generate interesting ideas for comedic scenes

- You are enough: the power of playing characters similar to yourself in a comedic scene. What would you say in real life? It's probably the right thing to say here!

- How to create and play an intelligent character with a stong point of view (POV)

- How to flesh out your characters with rich history and philosophy

And more!

Course Prerequisites
This course has no prerequisites
You are eligible for this course
Course Duration
8 Sessions Per Term
Graduation Performance(s)
1 Per Term
Free Theatre Tickets


  • 4 student tickets to shows
  • 2 student jam passes
Pass / Repeat Evaluations
You will be evaluated by your instructor – based on your attendance and mastery of the course content
Course Fees

$575 Full / $525 Concession

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What students are saying about this course level

"I really enjoyed the Level 1 class and loved the instructor for her expertise and knowledge of improv. It was very fun and life-changing class."

Varun S.
Starter 101: Introduction to Long Form Improv Student

"I came to level 1 hoping to put myself on a weird learning curve, get some creativity back into my life, challenge myself and spend more time with creative people. Nailed it! I dunno if our group just happened to be super legendary, but I feel like I've made some great friends over the last couple of months. Improv nights have been a real bright spot in my week."

Loz B.
Starter 101: Introduction to Long Form Improv Student

"I recommend the Level 1 workshop to anyone and everyone - whether the outcome is a new hobby of improv or skills to take away for daily life, it is so worth every second and every penny of your time and money! I'm in love with improv now, and the community here at The Improv Conspiracy Theatre. I also feel so lucky to have had my class with the best people in Melbourne that I would not have found without improv."

Madeleine T.
Starter 101: Introduction to Long Form Improv Student

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