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Take this deep dive into musical improv comedy with this Solo focussed workshop! This dynamic session focuses on honing your ability to perform solos in improvised musical scenes and how the ensemble can support the soloist. When the ensemble supports the soloist through harmonies and movement it can take the song to an entire new.

In this workshop we will learn how to support our fellow players with vocals and how an ensemble makes a solo even more amazing! This workshop will cover topics including song structure, harmonisation skills, movement and how you can bring this all together to create an incredible improvised musical ensemble piece.

Self-assessed prerequisites: This workshop is open to anyone who has had approximately 6 months or more improv training and has a passion for singing and musical theatre/improv

Guest instructor notice: this workshop is taught by a visiting independent artist, not a usual member of The Improv Conspiracy Theatre's teaching staff. While we trust that it will be a fantastic experience for all involved, please note that we do not directly control their curriculums, classroom protocols, etc. Additionally, our standard policy on course deferrals for internal credit does not apply, as the instructor may only be in town for an extremely limited period of time – please consider all bookings to be final.

Capacity notice: this workshop is capped at 20 participants, as opposed to our usual 16.

  • Workshop Session #1
    Saturday, August 3, 2024
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Workshop Sessions
  • Workshop Session #1
    Saturday, August 3, 2024

Meet your teacher

Instructor Profile

Mark Grimes

Mark Grimes is an improviser, musician, actor and music teacher originally from Scotland having moved to New Zealand in 1997 and laterally Brisbane (Meanjin), Australia in 2008. Mark has taught and performed musical improv in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, the UK, and USA and is a currently a Director of Big Fork Theatre in Brisbane. With a friendly and thoughtful teaching style Mark brings an energy and passion to musical improv that makes it fun for everyone no matter their level of experience.

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