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July 31st – August 10th

We’ve all had our ’that’s what I should have said’ moments, our ‘I wish I didn’t say that’ moments and our ‘I can’t believe they said that’ moments.

This workshop will lead us down a joyful road of catharsis and comedy as our play is inspired and informed real conversations. The session will focus on premise, game, listening, responding truthfully and ‘eating every sandwich’. Some members of this class may be selected to perform in the accompanying show.

Self-assessed prerequisites: This workshop is recommended for anyone with at least four months of improv experience

Performance opportunities: The instructor will be inviting select students from the workshop to participate in a Defrost Festival performance involving related topics and skills later that day

Capacity notice: this workshop is capped at 20 participants, as opposed to our usual 16.

  • Workshop Session #1
    Sunday, August 4, 2024
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Workshop Sessions
  • Workshop Session #1
    Sunday, August 4, 2024

Meet your teacher

Instructor Profile

Broni Lisle

Broni is the Education Director at The Improv Conspiracy. An established performer, teacher and coach, you can catch Broni around the theatre in such shows as Swing Set, King George, The Remix, and many more!

Broni’s has trained at Second City and the Hideout Theatre in Austin and much more. He's also a bachelor of Art and Education majoring in Drama. In addition to being a very experienced improviser, Broni is also a professional Actor, Writer and Musician. 

He's also the host of The Improv Conspiracy Podcast and you can check out his animated improv series Spontoon on IG, TikTok and YouTube.

Broni has taught over 1000 students. Performed over 1000 shows. Directed or performed over 50,000 scenes. Its probably too much actually. 

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