Broni has been with the Improv Conspiracy since 2013. 

As a performer Broni’s TIC credits are with House Harold Teams; The Wrong Shoulder, Foggy Windows, and Friends at the End. He was in the very first ensembles that presented the Remix and the Movie at Melbourne Fringe, plus stints at Perth Fringe and multiple Melbourne International Comedy Festivals. Broni also performs once a month at the theatre with his pals in Small Car. (

As a teacher Broni has been with TIC since mid 2014 and has taught all workshop levels. He currently directs house Harold team: Surrogate Mouth as well as indie teams. He believes that, with a nice even mix of joy, listening and support, all improv scenes can succeed. 

Beyond Improv, Broni is an accomplished musician/singer-songwriter. Since 2001 Broni has performing hundreds of shows around Australia and Internationally. He feels more comfortable on a stage than off. 

Broni’s credentials include training with The Improv Conspiracy, Second City and the Hideout Theatre in Austin. He's also a bachelor of Art and Education majoring in Drama.

You can get in contact with him at, on YouTube and on Twitter and Instagram (bronimusic)

He likes being friends with people.

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