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Joe Reed — Performer Details

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May 2017
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Joe Reed took the long way round to Improv. A lifetime love of acting, performing and bad puns culminated in a rousing performance as a lead support role in a budget state school musical. A false start as a University Theatre-student and years abroad working and playing finally led to a chance encounter with the Kelly Leonard book “Yes and…”

Inspired, Joe signed up to a Level 1 Improv Conspiracy course in early 2016 and has been “yes and-ing” ever since.  He has performed regular shows with some of his original Level 1 classmates as “Cruise Control” and has had numerous appearances with “Don’t look at Us”, another bunch of wonderful people and improvisers

Silly dancing and physical hilarity are amongst Joe's specialities, keeping him grounded and happy whilst he dies a slow death in corporate management. 

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