Improv is for everyone, not just established actors and comedians. To prove it, we're offering you a fun intro session for FREE!

Each session will be hosted by one or two of our most enthusiastic teachers and performance ensemble members. You'll be guided through a few of the most exciting and inspiring activities and exercises from our Level 1 curriculum.

Expect heaps of fun in a low-pressure environment, with lots of like-minded people. There's absolutely no obligation to continue on to a paid class, but trust us, you'll probably want to!

Spaces are limited, so book now!

Once registered, please let us know ASAP if you won't be able to attend. Registrants who don't show up will forfeit their ability to participate in future free sessions. Limit one free improv trial per person.

  • Workshop Session #1
    Saturday, May 25, 2024
Course Fees
First time making a booking? We'll waive the course fees at checkout – enjoy the session for free on us!
Previous late cancel (under 2 hours) or no-show? That's fine, life happens... but we respectfully ask that you pay our modest course fees of $10 to book back in.
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This course has no prerequisites
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Important dates, venues & times

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Workshop Sessions
  • Workshop Session #1
    Saturday, May 25, 2024

Meet your teacher

Instructor Profile

Tom Burton

Tom Burton is a comedian who has been an ensemble member at TIC since 2018. He performs weekly on Harold night with his team Deep Blue. He is also in the cast for The Remix, FTIQ and House Sketch.

He has performed in a number of festivals, most notably as one half of the sketch comedy duo, the Burton Brothers. Tom can be seen performing regularly at comedy rooms across Melbourne where he flails wildly about on stage.

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