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May 2013
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Originally from Texas, Justin found his career launched when Steven Spielberg saw his street performance T-Rex impression and said simply, "We must make a movie around this character. Michael Crichton, write me a book to adapt immediately." Twenty-five years later, Jurassic Park was re-released in 3D.

Though he works in the visual effects industry by day, Justin's not-so-secret love is performance, especially of the improvised nature. He trained at IO-West in Los Angeles, where he performed with two amazing teams, the List then Waterloo, until his job ruined his life by consuming all his time and he was forced to leave his team.

In 2013, his job redeemed itself by moving him to Melbourne and freeing up his schedule, so he joined Improv Conspiracy and hasn't looked back.

Once when the doctors told Justin he would never walk again, he replied, "I think you have the wrong room, I'm just here for a flu shot." That's how Justin looks at life. "That bad news is for the other guy… I'm Justin F*#@ing Porter."